Here you can find some answers for frequently asked questions. 

1. What documents do I need to rent a boat?

You must have a valid international powerboat licence to rent our boats. It must be an original document, not a copy or an image on your smartphone… also car driving licence is not enough.

2. I don't have a licence... is there a skipper option available?

We have qualified skippers available for an additional 100€ for a day or 50e for a half day. With our experienced skippers you can truly relax and enjoy your boat trip.

3.How to make a reservation?

Making a reservation is a simple process – we just need a valid contact info and photo of skipper’s license for a boat rental. In case of bad weather the reservation can be canceled without additional fees.

4. What about the security deposit?

We don’t have a security deposit. Before renting a boat from us we will examine the boat together and after that rent also. But if you damage the boat you can be charged from 50e up to 500e depending on the amount of damage.