Boat trip locations

Here you can see some of the destination locations for excursions or half day trips.

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With Fisher 20 we visit more specific destination because it is smaller and faster boat. With Fisher 20 food and drinks are not included in price.

With Bayliner prices are from 400€ or more, depending on number of persons included. Skipper is included but fuel is not included.

Prices starting at 400€.

Skipper included.

Fuel not included.

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Half day trips

We do four hours trips, visiting several beaches on island Ugljan or Pašman, depending on weather conditions. We visit some places on island Ugljan and Pašman. Villages like Kukljica, Preko, Kali, Lukoran etc.

Half day trips are mostly done with boats Fisher 20 but it can be arranged with the other boats too or combining more of them.

Prices are minimum 200€ or more, depending on how manny persons are included. Skipper and fuel included.

Prices starting at 200€.

Skipper included.

Fuel not included.

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Rent a boat

All boats are available for daily rent or it can be rented for more than one day.

Selva & Toro 4 price starts at: 150€ – 180€. Toro & Toro 2 price starts at: 300€. Toro 3(Bayliner) price starts at: 400€.

If you rent boat for more days than one, discount can be arranged.

Fuel is not included in the price.

Prices starting at 150€.

Skipper not included.

Fuel not included.

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We do transfers on all locations in Zadar archipelago and more. All boats are available for tranfers. We do transfers in both directions.

From Zadar to Zadar. Trip starts in Zadar and ends in Zadar.

Prices depends on distance and number of persons. Maximum number of persons for transfer is 7 (if you need to transfer more people we can arrange it for you).

Prices are calculated .

Skipper included.

Fuel not included.

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Fishing trips

Croatian arcipelago is rich with fish and other sea life forms.

We do all kind of fishing, depending on the fishing season, the most popular is tuna fishing.

We provide a profesional tune fishing equipment, baits and guidances from profesional tune fisherman.

Prices are calculated.

Skipper included.

Fuel not included.

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Sea help

For the assistance on the sea you can contact us on the number +385 (0)99 722 5936.

We can come and help you on the sea or arrange more specific kind of help depending on the nature of help needed.

Prices are calculated.

Skipper included.

Fuel included.

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Skiper practical training

Most people got skipper licences only based on teoretical part, they have licences but they didn`t drive the boat. We provide them practical training on our boats with guidences of profesional skipper.

Ussualy we do 2-3 hours of training where you can learn how to drive a boat and maneuvering with a boat(tie and untie the boat to the pier), safety procedures and regulations on the boat.

Prices starting at 30€.

Skipper included.

Fuel not included.


This is photo gallery with photos of our boat adventures.

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